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An End-to-End Biomedical Research Platform

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Unlock powerful insights from your biomedical and bioinformatics data - no coding required.

Literature Review with AI

Conduct literature reviews with Generative AI

Harness the capabilities of AI to sift through vast scientific literature. Bionl’s Generative AI simplifies literature review, transforming days of work into mere minutes.

GenAI for Data Analysis

Intuitive data analysis through natural language prompts

Upload your data and explore it through simple questions. Bionl’s Natural Language Processing enables instant insights, making complex analysis accessible and engaging.

Ready-to-Use Data Sets

Access public data sets and skip the processing

Tap into publicly available data sets like TCGA without the need for tedious data processing. Bionl streamlines your workflow, letting you focus on what truly matters: discovery.


Effortless visualization for your data

From histograms to heat maps, Bionl transforms your data into visually appealing formats. Visualize your findings with ease and share them with your team or collaborators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Bionl unique?

Bionl.ai is the first of its kind—a no-code, NLP-enabled biomedical research platform. We provide an all-in-one workspace that not only covers your research functionalities but also includes a Literature Review feature, freeing you from dependency on external bioinformaticians or programming expertise.

Who can benefit from using Bionl?

Bionl is tailored for healthcare scientists in industry and academia, particularly those working in various Omics fields such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. The platform is also a valuable tool for Masters & PhD students in the biomedical and bioinformatics fields, as well as companies in the biotechnology and pharma sectors.

Do I need any programming skills to use Bionl?

Absolutely not! Bionl is designed to help scientists focus on research without needing to code. You can use natural language prompts to conduct your work. And if you do know how to code, you’re welcome to write and run your own code right here on Bionl.

Can I share my research with team members?

Yes, our Team and Enterprise plans offer a collaboration suite that allows you to easily share your research with your colleagues.

Is there a guide for new users?

Yes, we offer a guided demo to help you get acquainted with the platform. You can book a demo right from our homepage to get personalized assistance and answers to any questions you may have.

What are the different plans available?

We offer four plans: Starter, Professional, Team, and Enterprise. Each plan is tailored to meet different research needs, from small-scale projects to advanced scientific collaborations. For more details, please visit our Pricing page.

How is my data secured?

Data security is our top priority. We are working towards compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO27001 to ensure the highest level of security for your data.

How does Bionl handle large datasets?

Our platform is designed to handle large volumes of data efficiently. The data storage and processing capabilities depend on your chosen subscription plan.

How do I get technical support or access one-on-one support?

Simply click on the button at the bottom right of the page to connect with our customer support team. For general inquiries, you can send us a message right there. If you’re on our Professional, Team, or Enterprise plans and need specialized help, you can submit a ticket for one-on-one support. We’ll connect you with our experts to give you the VIP treatment. Note that ticket limits vary by plan.

How can I provide feedback?

Your feedback is invaluable to us. You can provide feedback by clicking on the customer support button located at the bottom right of the page. We take your suggestions seriously and aim to incorporate them in future updates.

Do you offer any educational content?

Yes, we provide a Blog where you can find educational content not only about Bionl but also about the fields of bioinformatics and biotechnology. We cover a range of topics to help you get the most out of your research efforts.

How can I stay updated about Bionl?

You can subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest updates, features, and news.

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